About the Department & USPs

At our esteemed hospital, we take pride in the life-saving services offered by our Blood Bank. Ensuring the well-being of our patients and the community remains our top priority. Our Blood Bank plays a pivotal role in emergencies, surgeries, and treating various medical conditions that demand a constant supply of blood and blood products.

What Sets Our Blood Bank Apart?

Cutting-edge Technology, Unmatched Expertise

Our Blood Bank is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and our team comprises highly skilled professionals. From blood collection to processing, storage, and timely distribution, every step is handled with utmost precision.

Rigorous Testing and Screening

The safety of donated blood is paramount. We adhere to strict screening protocols to detect and eliminate any risk of transfusion-transmissible infections. Rest assured, every blood unit is thoroughly tested before being made available for patients.

24/7 Availability

Medical emergencies can strike at any time. That's why our Blood Bank operates round the clock to ensure an uninterrupted supply of blood, catering to the urgent needs of patients.

Diverse Blood Donor Pool

Our hospital collaborates with numerous voluntary blood donors, enabling us to maintain a diverse and sustainable blood donor pool. This diversity ensures that patients from various ethnic backgrounds can find compatible blood when required.

How to Donate: Be a Lifesaver Today!

Become a blood donor to make a positive impact on society and save lives. Donating blood is a simple and noble act that can significantly impact someone's life. To be eligible, individuals must meet specific criteria and pass a simple screening process. Contact our Blood Bank today to know more about the donation process and schedule your life-saving contribution.

Caring Hands

  • Blood Bank Technician
  • Blood Bank Specialist
  • Blood Bank Supervisor
  • Blood Bank Manager
  • Blood Bank Coordinator
  • Blood Bank Nurse
  • Blood Bank Quality Control Officer
  • Blood Bank Donor Recruitment Officer
  • Blood Bank Medical Director
  • Blood Bank Transfusion Medicine Specialist
  • Blood Bank Immunohematology Specialist
  • Blood Bank Pathologist
  • Blood Bank Data Manager
  • Blood Bank Quality Assurance Manager
  • Blood Bank Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Sabin Satyanandan

Consultant, Transfusion Medicine Services


Blood Bank, Clinical Haematology


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Technology plays a crucial role in the efficient and safe operation of blood banks. It helps in the collection, processing, testing, storage, and distribution of blood and blood products. Here are some examples of technologies commonly used in blood banks:

  • Blood Donation Management Systems
  • Automated Blood Collection Systems
  • Laboratory Automation to automate blood grouping, cross-matching, infectious disease screening, and blood component separation
  • Barcoding and RFID Technology to label and track blood bags, samples, and blood products throughout the blood bank supply chain
  • Cold Storage and Cryopreservation Technology
  • Blood Irradiation Systems
  • Pathogen Inactivation Systems
  • Electronic Cross-Matching and Transfusion Management Systems